Join the adventure!

After exploring Africa in our trusty Landcruiser ‘Troopy’, we wanted to do something a bit bigger: to share the experience – to travel, to learn and to understand more of our world. Future expeditions will therefore be open to join, in a comfortable but go-anywhere vegan overland expedition home.

We will be generating funds for projects which support and encourage biodiversity and true sustainability. Vegan Without Frontiers is a not-for-profit company with no shareholders so all surplus contributions to the expedition costs will be donated to charities which work towards a sustainable world for everyone’s future. Relatively few people will be able to join us  – but by directing funds to environmental and vegan organisations we can help make a difference to a lot more.

We are in the process of up-cycling an ex-military 8×8 truck into a comfortable, self-sufficient rolling home for around 6 people. Here’s a brief video mock-up of the living accommodation…the pop roofs will actually have lids, and the people are just for scale (the people-library was quite limited!)

Vegan travel is getting easier, and surprisingly so in many remote places as we found in previous travels around Africa, but by having our own base the food is not something we need to worry about at all.  Finding vegan food in the most unexpected places and meeting individuals out there doing great things is then just a fantastic bonus!

More details will be posted soon…but if you’re interested in an adventure from Spring 2019 get in touch?

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Vegan travels around the world in our off-road camper van Troopy.